Made in USA

Our products are designed to house valuable things that will last for generations. They need to be precious in themselves. Therefore we made a conscious decision not to give up on manufacturing our products in the country simply because we found something less expensive made somewhere else.


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We believe that our work can make a difference in the quality and safety of the products we delivere to our customers and for the American worker as standards for safety and quality exceed by far that of oversees manufacturing.

We proudly manufacture in USA employing fellow Americans and helping American economy by creating American Made Products.

We manufacture in America because we want to ensure that the environment will be as clean as possible for our children. The manufacturing processes in our country are much cleaner and well controled than in countries that alow dangerous and polutting processes.

By manufacturing in America we help our friends and heighbors to earn a living wage. We do not want to be part of the reason why the US manufacturing ability fades. We want to assure that the future US generations will find relevant jobs. We want to keep American citizens working.

We build custom, and we build American. Any size, any form, any way you want.

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It would have been much easier to do what most of our competitors did….close the US factory and simply become an importer. We would have been cutting many expenses and just make life easier. But we decided differently because we wanted to control quality, offer greater diversification of products, maintain our integrity, while also allowing hard working American citizens the chance to do a good job and live the American Dream.

Our decision didn’t come from an old fashioned concept. On the contrary, we believe that this should be the stand of the successful American business to: „Buy American!” and to „Made in USA!”. It is a decision for long, very long term, for the future of our nation.

We take great pride in delivering products and services designed in house and manufactured in house. All that we do has the best at it’s core: best quality materials, best manufacturing equipment and best labor. What else can be more authentic than an all American product?

The reality of the world today is changing constantly and makes us take conscious decision every stept of the way. They are not easy decisions, but we have to make them having in mind the big picture: America is an independent, a great country to live in! And we want it to remaine like that for the future generations!

Let’s celebrate American quality! Let’s celebrate American citizens! Let’s celebrate America!